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Combat Child Abuse!

Writers: Emily Liu and Tim Park

Visuals: Myrrh Dizon

There are several ways to combat this issue. For parents, that could mean the use of non-violent methods of discipline. Less experienced parents could seek education on how to care for a child or start group discussions with other parents to determine the “best” way to take care of a child. Supporting child abuse prevention programs can not only prevent abuse, but also spread awareness about the issue. Learning about the signs of child abuse can help you recognize and potentially prevent a child from being abused by reporting the abusive parent to child services.

Teenagers and high schoolers can combat this issue by spreading awareness and educating themselves of the signs of child abuse. This can gradually create a society in which many people recognize the immorality and effects on a child's growth because of such actions. Abusive parents will be held accountable and their child/children will be protected from further harm.

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