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LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources

Writers: Yuna Kim and Jisu Oh

Editor: Jimin Kim

Visual: Alexa Theodoropoulos

In an unwelcoming society, many people in the LGBTQ community suffer from mental health conditions, exclusivity, discrimination, and unequal rights due to their gender preference and identity. This phenomenon can be seen in a family, school, workplace, and society. Since this issue has been arising in our society, lawmakers and organizations provide help and protection for the LGBTQ community. As of today, the developments are minor. However, they are proven significant. Here are some of the solutions taken to protect and raise awareness for the LGBTQ community.

The Trevor Project is one organization that promotes mental health support among LGBTQ members. Based on Healthline, numerous LGBTQ patients were able to show their adaptability and express themselves through encouragement from the psychiatrists who are also members of their community. Having the support of mental health experts who understand LGBTQ patients' struggles helps ease their depression and prevents much worse scenarios such as suicide. In addition, The Trevor Project shares hotlines for the youth members of the LGBTQ community who are in crisis. The provision of mental health support gives hope and happiness among the members of LGBTQ.

Furthermore, promoting a positive setting at work motivates the LGBTQ members to perform their duties at best. According to the Open access government, implementing supportive policies drives LGBTQ employees to do their tasks efficiently. Working in a setting where equality is valued, the employees do not feel discriminated against and are motivated to perform better. Moreover, being accepted in a group makes the LGBTQ employees respected. In that way, they would not feel anxiety and too much stress when collaborating with their colleagues. Thus, an inclusive work environment motivates LGBTQ employees to be proficient at work as they are valued and accepted.

Lastly, LGBTQ members are subjected to human rights. In many cases, LGBTQ members are victims of violence. According to Mental Health and Human Rights Info, there is no need to create a new law exclusively for LGBTQ members because they are also subjected to human rights. Also, Mental Health and Human Rights Info mentions that some organizations like OutRight Action International provide training on the human rights and safety of LGBTQ members.

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